Discover Jamaica
As a Travel Professional

Why You Should Sell Jamaica

Jamaica, the third-largest island in the Caribbean, is known as the land of wood and water and it is filled with opportunities to relax and explore! Imagine experiencing an island with a very distinct personality, that is a paradise for beach lovers, and yet, still an attractive destination for adventurers who want to actively discover the culture of Jamaica.
Known to be the birthplace of reggae, the island is sprinkled with beautiful villas and luxurious resorts, in addition to majestic waterfalls, expansive mountains, and blue waters. Jamaica not only offers unique adventures, tours, and hidden gems – but this Caribbean island is a destination for foodies who want to experience authentic Caribbean jerk, Jamaican patties, and world-famous Devon House ice cream.

Are you ready to bask in warm weather, swim in the sea, and meet the locals? Explore the beauty and vibes of Jamaica and experience it like your client, while gaining all the knowledge she has to offer!

What We Offer

  • We offer Self-Directed Fam Trips to Jamaica. Self-directed Fam Trips give us the opportunities to operate on our own schedule and we are able to site inspect more properties and different types of properties of different suppliers of our choosing. Please keep in mind that self-directed Fam Trips may sometimes cost a bit more than Partially Sponsored or Fully Sponsored Supplier Fam Trips.
  • On all of our Fam Trips, you will have the opportunities to Site Inspection 8 or more properties.
  • On all of our Fam Trips, you will get to experience Jamaica beyond the resort by either going on an excursion or a tour as well as experiencing the wonderful foods by visiting local restaurants.
  • With all of our Fam Trips, you will leave Jamaica with well-rounded first-hand experience and knowledge to sell to your clients.
  • We also offer Site Inspection Only for Travel Professionals who already have a planned trip to Jamaica. We will also arrange your  site inspections. (4 to 5 properties a day)

About Us

Jamaica FAM Trips will offer you the chance to immerse yourself in Jamaican resorts, experiences and culture. We play an important role in helping the travel industry thrive by providing opportunities for travel professionals to experience the island directly through our exclusive immersion opportunities.

Jamaica FAM Trips provide fun opportunities to venture back out into the ever-changing, post-COVID travel environment. We believe that participating in our “insider” trips is one of the best ways to rebuild confidence among travel advisors and clients when booking a destination trip to Jamaica! We will ensure that upon completing the trips, travel advisors will be equipped with the tools and experiences to not only speak with authority regarding the measures that airlines, resorts and destinations have taken to address health and safety concerns, but also to promote Jamaica with the firsthand experience to potential clients.

If you are as excited about the idea of experiencing Jamaica, as we are about showing it to you, reach out to us! We can’t wait to meet you.